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this just didnt do it for me

but i still dont get how yo make your graphics like that..

Lambi responds:

Its all drawn with my mouse using the line, sruare and circle tools. Colouring is all done using the gradients in the colour palette. They take a lot of adjusting to get right, and it took a whil to understand it fully, but its given me a unique style which people seen to tike.

well it was good

since the first episode.. i never really liked the voice actors.. this was the only one i watched all the way through because the graphics showed a lot of improvement. overall it had a good plot and everything.. i guess its just not my kind of movie.. good work anyways.. you show great potential

not bad

nothing too new, not bad graphics, although you didnt animate it 100% nor did u make the audio, so its not 100% your work. Good job otherwise. Anyways my question is, do they actually have places that you call for delivery hookers!?! Thats pretty rediculous if there is... anyways, keep up the good work, I'd like to see some more stuff with 100% your work, I know it'd be good!

Jigaton responds:

read the authors comments box before you review next time man. "This is a real Prank phone call i, Josiah Carlson, recorded about one year ago for release of a comedy cd." That is my audio. and how exactly did i fail to animate 100%? and yea, they're called escort services. in spokane, wa there are more escort services then there are pizza places.

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Well its good but..

the guy needs to go faster for one thing.. the frame rate needs to be faster for game play to make it smoother.. make the alpha a bit lower for the static during game play.. maybe make it so the alpha goes up and down during gameplay

Perfect 10 :P

i couldnt get past the 3rd part, i actually bookmarked your game i liked it so much.. i go to play it whenever im on the comp now... its pretty addictive too, bravo! im surprised your so young making such complex gaming... congrats man "this game is brilliant"

Sceptz responds:

Thank You.
Just remember that you can use the lights and shooting to divert the peoples attention. This way you should be able to get through most levels.

love the controls

ok i gave a 10 for humor cuz i thot it was funny that i kept dying :| none the less i still beat it

if you want to email me for any purpose this is my adress octy12@hotmail.com

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